Various Street Food

There is a place where there are delicious foods to fill your stomach.

It is the Seogwipo Maeil Olle Market! Here are some of the unique and delicious snacks. 

  • ‘Saury gimbab’ made of whole saury fish from head to tail
  • Cute ‘Tangerine Stone grandpa bread’ which contains sweet tangerine jam in it 
  • ‘Hoitto’ which is kind of bread which puts vegetables, eggs, ham, sweet sauce on the pastry. 
  • Croquette that becomes hot issue on instagram ‘Black Pork Croquette’ 
  • Combination of fresh vegetables and Jeju Island black pork ‘Black Pork Grilled Skewers’ 
  • ‘Octopus Bread’ made of barley dough with grinded octopus and cheese in it. 
  • A byword of street food ‘Pancake stuffed with brown sugar and seed’ 
  • King of King of nutty tasting ‘Udo Peanut Dumpling’