Sangae rice cake

Jeju Traditioanl Rice Cake ‘Sangae rice cake’

Some of the tourists will be surprised at the huge white bread which are displayed at the rice cake shop. It is not bread, but it is the traditional rice cake of Jeju. Sangae rice cake is a Jeju traditional rice cake which is originated from Sangwabyeong, rice cake of Yuan Dynasty. 

It is steamed rice cake which consists of dough and paste by putting flour into the rice wine(called ‘Makgeoli’) and putting bean jam after fermenting. In Jeju island, there is a tradition of placing the rice cakes on the table for a memorial ceremony and relatives make the rice cakes in a basket and bring them to the memorial ceremony or at the first and the fifteenth days the lunar month. 

Most Sangae rice cake were steamed after putting the red bean paste and made as a ball. The scent of Makgeolli is harmonized with the taste of red bean paste.