Moum soup

‘Moum soup’ _ deeply boiled pork broth with ‘Moum’

Moum soup is one of the Jeju traditional soups with ‘Okdom’ and ‘Mel’ soup.

Pork broth is made with meat, intestines and stuffed derma. With deeply boiled meat broth, it bring out a distinctive flavor lessen the savory taste when gulfweed is added. Pork and gulfweed is well matched because gulfweed impede the absorption of the pork fat. 

Gulfweed is also good for diet full of calcium and low calories. 

Isn’t it good for parents who need to care about osteoporosis?

Because it was hard to take animal fat and protein without seafood in Jeju island, People made ‘Moum’ soup to share the precious pork with whole town.