Walking along with ‘Culture Street of Sol Hill’

Although the name of the hills reminds you of a splendid green hill, the pine tree can not be seen. Culture Streen of Sol Hill refers to the space from the end of Seogwipo Suhyup to the Jaguri Coast. 

In the past, there is a story that the Sol hill was full with pine trees. Also, there is another story that the name of Sol hill was actually Soldae hill because there were many archery target. The name of archery target, a lath,  is called ‘Soldae’. There is a huge sculpture shaped like a giant arrow on the street leading to the street of the Culture street of Sol hill’. This street was the main street of Seogwipo by being called ‘Myeong-dong of Seogwipo’. In 2013, Culture Street of Sol Hill was developed and now it attempts its second glory days. Enjoy the culture by walking along with the street of nature, art and culture.