Let’s go to the ‘Lee Jung Seop Art Museum’

 If you finished the tour of Mael Olle Market, Let’s go to the ‘Lee Jung Seop Art Museum’ 

Lee Jung Seop Art Street is about 340 meters in the direction of art museum from the Maeil Olle Market. It is not hard to find the art works of him on the top of the street lamps. On weekends, local artists gather the street to open the art market called ‘Seogwipo Cultural Art Design Market’. 

Lee Jung Seop was poor when he was living in Seogwipo, but he said, it was the most happy time of his life. You can understand why he said like that if you visit the Lee Jung Seop Art Museum and his residence. The room he lived with this family is too small, but the atmosphere of the room in his painting looks friendly and warm. In the museum. you can see the letters exchanged with his wife.

 By the way, you should not miss the rooftop of the museum. If you are on the rooftop, you can see the real view of the painting ‘Landscape with Seop Island’. Even though there are new buildings around the site, you can still meet the beautiful Seop Island and the sea.